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In his video, the founder of the British Sortition Foundation Brett Hennig presents a compelling, coherent and informed case of fixing broken democracy by putting beside or replacing elected politicians with ordinary people. Does it sound crazy? You’ll be surprised to hear that it actually works. Just like it worked in the cradle of democracy; Athens…


This video shows in few minutes the main and most salient arguments discussed in David Van Reybrouck’s book “Against elections – The Case for Democracy”. Elections were never meant to make democracy possible! On the contrary, they are an aristocratic tool, invented to keep the masses at bay. How can we democratize democracy? Lottery or Sortition is the alternative!


In his talk "Why Elections Are Bad For Democracy" at the Hannah Arendt Center for Politics and Humanities (here the entire interview), Belgian writer and activist David Van Reybrouck explains how elections may be failing democracy and how the old method of sortition may offer us a better chance at true democracy.


“Democracy through Sortition. What possible scenarios?” Convention organized by Five Star Movement in Montecitorio, Rome, on 21/07/2016 with professors Maurizio Caserta, Cesare Garofalo, Alessandro Pluchino, Andrea Rapisarda and Salvatore Spagano. This video is available only in Italian language.