binocolopng Mission

ODERAL – Organization for Random Representative Democracy was founded with the following objectives:

  • Contributing to the development of a study associated with drawing lots as a practice for selecting citizen’s representatives within institutions and democratic assemblies – Italian and not – at the various levels of the National apparatus; from the parliament to the municipalities
    • Through communicative channels, information and updates concerning innovations, studies, experiments and results in the field of random democracy that are carried out and occur worldwide
    • Giving space and visibility to studies, initiatives, and work with the purpose of delving into the issues related to the theory and practice of employing drawing lots as a democratic tool
  • Equally offering an incentive to spread the practice of drawing lots, leading to the creation of citizen Assemblies within the democratic institutions present at every level on our territory and beyond
    • Forming, organizing, assisting and directing multi-level pressure groups that encourage the experimentation of random democracy institutions
    • Providing logistical and organisational support to those bodies or institutions wishing to initiate a reform and revision project of their internal constitution in the direction of a greater direct citizen involvement through the tool of drawing lots
  • Collaborating with Organizations and Associations similar to ODERAL in other countries, with equal objectives and purpose, in order to promote both the study and the practice of drawing lots together towards the realization of large-scale projects with a wider echo, inside and outside national borders

The Organization is free and open. Membership is free of charge and does not involve any kind of restriction or service. To make suggestions, ask questions and leave comments, please visit the Questions & Answers section. To join ODERAL, become Member or Volunteer.